50-gallon nano reefThe tank is finally here. I set it up on 3rd of April. I’ve been tweaking various aspects of it in the past few days. I created the aquascape with 502 super glue, but didn’t use any reef sand to re-enforce the bond. This might be a costly decision in the long run. I might do something drastic, like remove the stones in the middle of the curing process and glue some sand to the joints.

I have never had a filter sock before, and can’t see the immediate benefit of it. The guy who built the tank asked if I want 1-2 filter socks. I chose 1. It is loud! Because of the chiller, I have to have a very high flow from tank to sump, and this creates a lot of sloshing in the filter sock. I muffled it by shoving a shower pouf inside it. I think I will use the filter sock in the future to house active carbon or GFO. I have better things to do than change a mechanical sock every week, then wash, bleach and dry them around the house. My mechanical filtration is relying on skimmer and critters.

I do like the aquascape, even though it is not the most natural looking. Because the cube is higher than wide, I wanted to really emphasise it by building 2 pillars. This style creates very narrow areas for full blown light, and nice shadowy areas. I like heavy contrast instead of a flooded mat of light.

Sump from the side.

Sump front

Display tank from the front.


Boys at Glory Marine Phnom Penh did build a durso for this overflow, but I have never used one before. I think the air hole is either too big or small. It works nicely, but occasionally flushes like a toilet, dumpind a ton of water to the sump, and then sloshing and gurgling for a minute to get back to desired level. I have no clue how to tweak it, so I went to Herbie solution. With a ball valve and a DC-pump adjusting Herbie’s full siphon is a breeze, Ball valves are not the best option for fine-tuning, but paired with a DC-pump it’s really stupid simple. Tweak the ball valve, mark the level, wait for a while. Check level, and if it’s creeping up or lowering slowly, just adjust the DC pump. My Jebao pump has 100 steps for speed, and just ticking it up one or two notches will keep the water on a desired level. I remember in my old tank I had a normal AC utility pump, and tweaking Herbie with a ball valve was a nightmare. When water was too high opening the ball valve a little-bit drained the whole overflow, and closing it the minimum amount humanly possible ended up flooding the overflow. For anyone still in the process of starting their tank, please please please get yourself a DC pump and tweak yourself a perfect Herbie.

My overflow works like a charm. The water level in sump and overflow has stayed in the same mark for 3 days now. Even with several power cuts.