I’m starting my second reef aquarium ever, but first one in Cambodia. I was blown away by the prices of some invertebrates coming from Vietnam. I just have to have them. After a total fiasco of a tank in Finland I have decided to start the tank with dry rock and cure it myself, My first tank was built with live rock, and ended up as a slimy algae and aiptasia nutrient sink. I had all the pests you could imagine including, but not limited to; hair algae, bubble algae, aiptasia, flat worms, bristles etc.

I ordered my tank from Glory Marine Fish on Sok Hok (st. 107). Size for this nano will be 50*50*60 cm. Sump will be approximately 45*45*45. I also ordered a bunch of other basic stuff to go with the tank:

$100 – Ultra UV tank 50*50*60 10mm
$80 – Sump 43*48*45 8mm
Pipes and overflow included.
$50 – Stand 50*50*100

$110 – Bubble Magus Curve 5 skimmer
$75 – Jebao DCS 6000 Red-pump
$50 – Jebao RW-8 stream with a controller with wave, feed and night-mode.

I will keep you posted once I receive the tank. It’s been 2 weeks now.