T. crocea clam

Tridacna crocea?

Today I got some new life from Reef Zone Cambodia. I did some googling, and came to the conclusion that this is a T. crocea. Its shell is symmetric, and not elongated. It also has a large opening for the ‘foot’. So instead of throwing it to the sand bed, I placed him on a piece of rock with a nice clam-size bowl for him to sit in. I’ll see what happens in few weeks.

My tank is in no means matured, but clams are very cheap here, and apparently like ‘dirty’ water. My nitrates are around 10-20 mg/l so I’m hoping this clam would have a lowering effect. He is about 3 inches wide. He wasn’t the more expensive one since the colour is not brilliant blue. I like the brownish lilac colour with electric blue spots.

I also got 2 hitchhikers including 1 asterina starfish and a whitish mushroom growing on the shell. Asterina ended up in sump, and the shroom will live hopefully happily on the shell.

Green tip LTA

Green tip Long tentacle Anemone.

Second I got this Green tip Long tentacle anemone from the same seller. I’ve had him for a week now. He is still looking for a spot to settle, and hasn’t eaten yet. He is absolutely massive when fully open. Mouth looks like human butthole, just saying, but the tentacles are absolutely gorgeous! I suspect he has been bleached, so I’ll expect some browning, if he regains some of his zooxanthellae. Now it has a beautiful blueish hue (which I kind of feel bad about).

Branching hammer coral

Branching hammer coral

Third addition was this small hammer coral with brown tentacles and brilliant green tips. It looks absolutely miserable in the photo, but I’ll hope it opens up a bit more in the coming days. If not, I’ll reconsider the placement. This spot might have too much light and flow for it.


I also started dosing 2ml of vinegar per day in the hopes to feed bacteria and bring down the nitrates. I am not planning to have water changes as my main export method.